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Some statistics about impaired driving

In 2012, nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths in the country were due to crashes that involved alcohol impairment. The trend continues with a traffic death caused by alcohol impairment occurring about once every 51 minutes. This statistic, compiled from various sources and studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is costly to all the states, including Florida.

Of course, there are many more accidents caused by drug and alcohol impairment that cause injury and not death. Fortunately, there are numerous things that can be done to prevent and minimize the number of both life-taking and life-threatening traffic accidents.

Symptoms and causes of whiplash in Florida car crashes

Florida residents who have been in car accidents, as well as those who have read media accounts of those types of incidents, have heard of the term "whiplash". This very real type of injury is one that may not present itself for several hours or even days after an accident, and thus people who suffer from it may not be immediately aware they have been injured.

Whiplash is very common in rear-end collision accidents, especially to people occupying the vehicle that is hit. The impact releases physical forces, causing a sudden movement forward followed by a sudden decrease in speed. This violent front-and-back jerking motion can cause the car occupants' heads to move forward rapidly and then overextend backwards as the forces subside.

What are the symptoms related to TBI?

Florida residents might be interested in learning more about traumatic brain injuries, as described in a publication by the Mayo Clinic. TBI may be described as brain dysfunction resulting from some type of mechanical force. The injuries are often caused by a violent jolt or blow to the head. In some cases, the injury might be caused by an object piercing the skull. The object might be a shattered fragment or something foreign like a bullet.

Serious TBI may result in death or complications involving physical trauma to the brain, bleeding, torn tissue and bruising. Mild cases of TBI can lead to brain cell dysfunction for a temporary period of time. People suffering from mild TBI may exhibit sensory or physical symptoms. Sensory symptoms may include sensitivity to sound or light, blurred vision, changes in sense of smell or taste and ringing in the ears. Some of the common physical symptoms include loss of consciousness, becoming disoriented, dazed or confused, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and headaches.

Florida wrong-way collision results in 3 deaths

According to news sources, three individuals died and one was critically injured in a collision that allegedly involved a wrong-way driver in Dade City on Dec 30. Investigators are unsure what exactly caused the driver to cross into oncoming traffic.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a Buick Enclave driven by an 86-year-old male was in the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 301 when it veered into the highway's grass median and paved center break. At about 11:53 a.m., near the intersection of Davidson Court, the Buick collided head-on with a northbound Ford Explorer driven by a 74-year-old Brooksville man.

Alcohol suspected in Florida crash that left 2 dead

A head-on collision involving three vehicles left two people dead and one person in the hospital with critical injuries. Charges against a surviving driver are pending while authorities complete their investigation into the fatal crash, according to the Florida Highway Patrol who suspect that the male driver was driving drunk.

The accident happened at the intersection of Park Boulevard and 131st Street in Seminole in the early hours of Dec. 25. The FHP reported that the 51-year-old driver of a Ford Explorer came into the intersection driving west in eastbound traffic lanes and collided head-on with a Hyundai Sonata. A second Hyundai sedan then struck the Sonata before also colliding head-on with the Explorer.

Man killed in head-on collision with box truck

Authorities with the Florida Highway Patrol reported that a man was killed and another critically injured in a head-on collision. According to reports, the accident occurred on Dec. 11 around 4:30 p.m. in Oskaloosa County on State Route 123.

A 35-year-old Panama City man driving a 2011 Isuzu box truck reportedly crossed the center line of the road near Valparaiso. When he did so, he then collided head-on into a 2010 Ford F-150 being driven by a 75-year-old Alabama man.

Head-on collision kills 3 on darkened roadway

An accident on Florida's Tamiami Trail at 6:45 p.m. on Dec. 10 left three people dead after a two vehicle head-on collision. According to police, a local tribe member was injured while two foreign tourists and a Hollywood resident were killed.

The 35-year-old driver of a Lexus IS300 was driving east on Tamiami when he moved into the opposing lane attempting to pass and hit the Jeep. According to the state police, both vehicles were severely damaged, and it was difficult to extricate the individuals from the vehicles. This led the police to speculate that speed was involved.

Deadly Florida accident kills 2, seriously injures 2

A Fleming Island car crash has left two people dead and two others seriously injured. The Nov. 28 head-on collision occurred on U.S. Highway 17.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a white Ford F-150 headed south on U.S. 17 hit a stop sign at the Radar Road intersection then swerved across the grass median into oncoming traffic. A black Lexus SUV headed north struck the F-150 head-on, causing both vehicles to flip over.

Florida high-speed accident kills couple from Pittsburgh

On Thanksgiving evening, a couple of Pittsburgh natives were returning to their Florida home after visiting friends for Thanksgiving dinner when their car was struck in St. Petersburg, Florida, by an SUV allegedly driving over 100 miles per hour. The married couple, a 64-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman, were killed instantly.

The SUV driver, a 31-year-old man, reportedly hit one car and left the scene. He then hit the Pittsburgh couples' car while allegedly driving at an excessive speed. His blood alcohol content was reported by the police to be twice the legal limit.

1 dead, several injured in multiple Florida highway accidents

On Nov. 14, the Florida Highway Patrol responded to three successive car accidents, which left one person dead and several others with injuries. All three incidents appeared to have occurred on Interstate 4 near Lakeland.

The first accident occurred at approximately 5:25 a.m., when a 27-year-old man lost control of a 2009 Mitsubishi and struck a concrete wall. Reportedly, he had been traveling under the Polk Parkway overpass when the event occurred. Officials pronounced him dead at the scene of the crash. He was reportedly not wearing his seat belt. No other vehicles were involved in this accident.

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