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Could the woeful state of day cares lead to day care negligence?

Ideally, parents want to be the ones to raise their own children. Entrusting a child to someone else is a very difficult thing for Florida parents and American parents in general. However, due to economic constraints, many parents need to entrust their children to day cares so they can go to work. Unfortunately, the reliability and safety of day care centers and child care providers has been scrutinized lately, bringing up the question of whether those institutions are really acting in the best interests of the children.

According to the latest findings from a report on American day cares, day care negligence is a distinct possibility in many cases. A writer who closely examined day cares and health care services in the country concludes that these facilities are mediocre. This may be due to the fact that child care providers are underpaid and, at times, lack professional training.

Florida is most dangerous state for cyclists and pedestrians

Many Florida city-dwellers enjoy getting around the city on bicycles or simply by walking. In addition to saving money by using less gas, pedestrian and cyclists often feel that stepping out of their cars separate them from their city. By stepping out of that metal shell, people can more readily connect with their city and community.

Unfortunately for pedestrians and cyclists in Florida, a car wreck involving cyclists or pedestrians is alarmingly common in the Sunshine State. Indeed statistics show that Florida is the most dangerous state in the nation for pedestrians and cyclists.

Clewiston mother dies in fatal accident

With modern society's familiarity with the car, it can be easy for drivers in Fort Lauderdale to forget that these machines can pose a danger to drivers and passengers. Even the safest driver can be affected by the careless decisions of other drivers. Sometimes these careless decisions can even result in a fatal accident, upending the lives of loved ones.

The family of a woman from Clewiston is dealing with the aftermath of a tragic accident. The woman, her husband and their two children were traveling in an SUV when they were rear-ended by another car. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) explained that it appeared the automobile was attempting to pass the SUV. The collision was so severe that the SUV went into the median and overturned throwing the woman from the SUV. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. FHP indicated that the woman was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Florida infant suffers tragic day care injuries

The overriding goal of parents in Fort Lauderdale is to create a comfortable and nurturing life for their children. But today, to provide that comfortable lifestyle typically requires both parents to work, making it necessary to place young children in day care. While most day care centers provide high quality childcare, some shirk their responsibility and can place children in danger. When day care injuries do occur, it can be devastating for parents, many of whom already feel guilt for placing their child in day care.

A mother in Ocala is facing every parent's worst nightmare. Her son was in an accident while at the day care, and ultimately died from his injuries. The husband of the day care provider said that as she was letting the dog out into the yard, the boy fell from a chair. However doctors say that the injuries the boy sustained are not consistent with that story.

Florida bus accident results in numerous child injuries

Riding the bus to school is a rite of passage for many children in Fort Lauderdale. However like any automobile that travels on public roads, buses are sometimes involved in accidents that can cause child injuries.

The accident occurred in Cape Coral as the children were going to school. The bus was carrying 20 students when a man driving a U-Haul failed to stop at a red light and crashed into the bus. Several students were injured including one that fractured his shoulder and another that suffered a concussion. Aside from the physical injuries, students are also reporting psychological trauma. Some are now terrified to be on a school bus.

Airplane crash in Fort Lauderdale leaves three dead

A twin-engine Piper Cheyenne turboprop airplane has crashed in Fort Lauderdale, leaving three people dead. The fatal accident occurred shortly after the plane took off from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. The plane lost power and then banked steeply, crashing into an automobile impound lot. The plane caught fire upon crashing. No one on the ground was injured, but several cars in the impound lot were destroyed.

The pilot and two passengers died in the accident.

Cooper City child is victim of dog bite accident

Dogs are a staple of family life in Florida and across the U.S. and when properly trained, they can bring years of joy and companionship. Although most dogs are safe and loving, Broward County is seeing an uptick in attacks by one specific dog breed -- the pit bull. A dog bite accident can be particularly tragic because they often involve small children.

In one incident, a pit bull was running loose in a Cooper City neighborhood when it attacked a child. The bite seriously injured the child's elbow, requiring $15,000 worth of reconstructive surgery.

Hazing case stays in the headlines as cause of action continues

For our South Florida readers who are familiar with the ongoing controversy surrounding the death of a Florida A&M drum major during an apparent hazing incident, the recent news about an increase in criminal charges for some of those thought to be involved might have been surprising. The incident, which took place in 2011, is still in the national spotlight, and a new prosecutor has decided to include manslaughter charges in the case.

The loss of a loved one is always an emotional and painful experience, and the dead student's family has been in discussion with Florida A&M for months on settling their wrongful death claim. Now it appears they may also have to go through a more extensive - and possibly more drawn out - criminal process for the alleged perpetrators in the hazing incident.

Hit and run car accidents on the rise in Broward County

While all car accidents are sad, hit and run car accidents are particularly tragic because of the callous nature of the act. Many view leaving an injured person at the scene of an accident, without offering any help, as particularly cruel. In Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state, it appears these tragic car accidents are occurring more frequently.

A new study by the Florida Highway Patrol found that fatal hit and run car accidents are on the rise in the state. The study found that Broward County had the second highest number of hit and run accidents in Florida in 2012. Miami-Dade County had the highest number of hit and run accidents in the state.

Florida legislature considers texting ban on texting and driving

Stories of heartache caused by the loss of a loved one will likely resonate with many Florida residents. An unexpected car accident can leave a family stunned and emotionally broken. While the event itself can be difficult to take in, the situation may be made worse when information comes to light that the cause of the accident may have been the negligence of another.

In today's technology driven world, the draw to use electronics such as cell phones or messaging devices can be too much for some, even when behind the wheel. Sadly, the results are too often tragic. Such was the case when one young Florida couple died on their way to a meeting with a wedding planner in a nine car accident caused by a distracted truck driver. Likewise, a young student died after being trapped in a school bus that caught fire following a collision with a truck driver talking on a cellphone. Another family was left to mourn the loss of their 17-year-old daughter following a head-on collision with another driver suspected of texting and driving.

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